Embroidery Ideas

One of our most popular items are polo shirts, we can embroider your company logo, simple lettering or monogram. We can also combine a stock design and combine lettering to create you own customized design for that special event, team or promotional item.

What a wonderful way to make a professional or personal statement !

Hats are definitely a popular!. We can embroider your custom logo, lettering, team name or event forthat personalized look. We have a variety of brands, styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Feel free to contact us for your personalized needs.

Jackets embroider quite well and make a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. We can supply light weight, medium or heavy jackets for almost any type of weather.  We have a variety of styles, sizes and colors to match your requirements. A very nice personal or professional look is definitely achieved.

We have a variety of T-Shirts for work or play in many sizes and colors from manufacturers such as: Hanes, PortAuthority, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, Cotton Deluxe, Lee and more.

We can embellish your custom t-shirt or supply them blank for any occasion!

Aprons and tote bags  can be personalized or embroidered with just about any design

or lettering, it will surely be a wonderful expression in the kitchen, grilling outdoors or carrying yourfavorite items in a tot bag.

Appliqué or tackle twill is a unique way to embellish larger designs or lettering, jacket back's are a prime example. The body of the lettering or design is precisely cut from tackle twill then the edge of the twill is sewn on the garment creating a beautiful design. Appliqué can be done in one or multiple colors to match your particular specifications.

Stadium blankets are a wonderful way to stay warm and comfortable at your favorite sports game, park, home, backyard or special event, we can personalize your blankets with a design, lettering or simple monogram to give you that unique look.  

Duffle bags can be embroidered with your team name, monogrammed or include your favorite type of sport symbol. They can be used to take your favorite sports equipment on the go or simply take your favorite items to the gym.

Sweatshirts are quite popular and we carry a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs, we have Hanes, PortAuthority, Fruit of the Loom and others. We can embroider 

your favorite logo, name,  simple monogram or sports symbol for that comfortable and stylish look.

Beanies are a comfortable way to keep warm this winter, we have a variety of colors and can personalize your beaniewith your company logo, team name or monogram. 

Weather you have a company baseball or softball team or just a get together with friends to play ball we can supply the baseball shirts embroidered with your chosen team name or company logo. We have a variety of sizes (including youth) and colors to choose from for that "just right" look.

Wind-shirts are a stylish and wonderful addition at the gold course or all around general use, we have 
a variety of colors and can embroider your company logo, event, name or monogram for a personalized professional look.


Monogrammed towels have a unique and elegant way of distinguishing any bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. They can be monogrammed individually or a complete set.  A variety of colors and sizes are available to fit your needs.