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Embroidery Insights
Whether this is your first time pursuing embroidered garments or your hundredth time, have you ever wondered about the accouterments and the process involved in embellishing garments?

It all begins with an idea, computer, expensive software and machinery.

Your design is created and edited by computer then it is refined for run-ability and type of garment to which it will be sewn. The design file will then be sent to the embroidery head ready to sew. The garment will be marked at the precise embroidery placement point and then hooped along with a stabilizing and topping material. The hooped garment will be aligned and placed in the actual embroidery head for embellishment. Once the embroidery machine is finished sewing then the garment is released from the hoop, stabilizing material trimmed and topping removed.

Have you every seen an embroidery machine?
This is a Tajima multi head computerized commercial embroidery machine. It is one of the best in the industry and it can produce intricate designs in many colors. It can embroider hats, shirts, towels, napkins and just about anything that can be hooped!

Stock Designs and Custom logos
We have thousands of stock designs in our library ranging from simple lettering to intricate jacket back designs that may be used for your application. If your application requires a specific custom design, we offer custom digitizing to meet your needs.

Custom digitizing does require a digitizing fee. It is a one-time charge to create a custom logo which is a laborious process. In helping to understand this process, the following are basics steps in the creation of a customized design:

  • First we need the artwork to be digitized. It can be from a picture on paper or a computer graphics file such as .jpg or .bmp even better is vector based artwork such as Corel or Illustrator. The better the graphic quality, the better we can digitize it while understanding the specific needs of the design.
  • We then take the graphics file or printed artwork and either scan or import it to our digitizing software in the computer. We now have a working image to apply the stitching process.
  • Once the image is in our software it is then used as a "pattern" to lay stitches on.  It's similar to tracing an outline of a picture, but instead, placing stitches in the process.
  • At this point, we must decide what type of stitches will be used, what direction they will travel, in what order will it sew, how many colors to be used and other factors that will enhance the outcome of the design.
  • The design is stitched out and edited if needed. By using the material that the design will be sewn on, we now have a sample for the customer to visualize. Once the customer is satisfied with the design and approves it for production it will be sewn on the actual garments.

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